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How to Remove Window Tint With Windex

How to Remove Window Tint With Windex

If you are wondering how to remove window tint with Windex, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn 3 steps that will help you get rid of the film on your windows. Before you get started, be sure to read our tips. Firstly, avoid using abrasive cleaners or ammonia. Lastly, do not use a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is not safe for your windows.

How to Remove Window Tint With Windex

Spray, soak, and peel

To remove window tint, spray the area with an ammonia-based solution and a few inches of soapy water. Then, use a plastic bag to catch the remnants and scrape them off with a razor blade. Be sure to use a protective mask. If the tint is stubborn, use a non-metallic scraper to remove it. Afterward, use a glass cleaner to remove any remaining film.

When cleaning car windows, remember to use a well-ventilated area and wear a face mask to protect your eyes. The mixture of ammonia and vinegar is very dangerous to breathe, so be sure to wear protective gloves and eye protection. It may also help to cover the window with a tarp to prevent any damage to upholstery. It will take approximately half an hour to remove the window tint, but be patient.

Avoid ammonia

First, you must prepare the window for cleaning. Place a tarp or heavy-duty garbage bag over it to catch the overspray. Use paper towels or newspaper to plaster to the glass. Ammonia or alcohol can be used to keep the paper wet. Wait about half an hour to start removing the window tint. Repeat the process if necessary. Avoid rubbing the area with the chemicals.

It is important to use window tint cleaner that does not contain ammonia. This is because ammonia is very dangerous to breathe if it is applied in enclosed spaces. Make sure you wear gloves and eye protection when using ammonia. You can also place a tarp over the window so that the liquid will not damage the upholstery. Once the tint has been removed, you can reapply it.

Avoid abrasive cleaners

While you may be tempted to save money by trying to install window film yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that tint needs time to fully cure. You will want to leave it alone for a week or more before you attempt to remove it. Otherwise, it may not be able to adhere to the windows properly. Additionally, it can be damaged if you use abrasive cleaning products, including ammonia-based cleaners.

If you’re cleaning your windows yourself, you can use a window tint soap solution made of two glasses of warm water and one tablespoon of mild dish soap. Be sure to use a soft sponge for this because paper towels can scratch the film. If you want a streak-free finish, you can also use a microfibre cloth. Alcohol-based window cleaners are also a good choice. Isopropyl alcohol is the most effective disinfectant.

Avoid a steam cleaner

One of the most common methods for removing window tint is to use a hot water and soap mixture to remove it. You should then lay a newspaper sheet on top of the window to absorb the water. The newspaper will dry quickly, but if you can, remove it on a sunny day, because heat will speed up the process. You can then scrape away the remaining film with a nonmetallic scraper to prevent scratching the window glass.

To remove film, you can also use a heat gun or a razor blade. Hold the heat gun approximately two inches from the window, and hold it for 30 seconds. The heat will cause the film to begin peeling away from the glass. Repeat this process until the entire sheet of tint is removed. Once you have removed the film, you should wipe off any residue. Avoid using a steam cleaner or a heat gun when removing window tint.

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